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DSG conversion

Postby v8coupe » Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:00 am

So I've been a huge anti-DSG guy for awhile now but looking into my goals for my 2009 VW Rabbit I might very well need to bow in defeat on this one. I'm here asking for info on making a DSG TDI AWD mk5 happen. It won't be a fast build up by any means as you will find out in a bit, but I need help from those with far more experience on this subject.

Car details
2009 VW Rabbit S 2 door
2.0L CR TDI from European mk6
European mk5 TDI 4motion drivetrain 6-speed manual
Audi TT mk2 suspension

Engine is be built for 400-450chp from a pair of EFR turbos in a conventional compound setup. The car is being built as a TDI track car so completely gutted and a FIA/SCCA hybrid cage is being installed and the dash pad going over that. I will be doing a hybrid harness install already so more isn't really an issue at this point. I just want the best options for both a good performance transmission and consistent. DSG seems to be both of those so I am looking into them. Obviously it'll need to be a TDI AWD unit I'm just wondering if a Standard TT DSG case could be filled with TDI DSG guts or it'll be just cheaper and faster to go TDI TT Quattro unit? I'm guessing from my experience in VW Parts I'll need the DSG harness, the TCU, Shifter, and paddle shifters I'm guessing the existing Brake switch and clutch switch stuff could be reused on the chassis side just routed slightly different. I'm fine having to wait to get one found the engine hasn't even gotten to the machine shop.
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