BorgWarner s200sx-e in machined k26 housing possible?

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BorgWarner s200sx-e in machined k26 housing possible?

Postby Neacail » Fri Dec 22, 2017 8:06 pm

I keep looking at these, and they seem like a good option for the 20v I5 (before y'all say EFR or GT, I'd rather spend the extra money on rods and gaskets and such. ... 9/10002/-1

It looks kind of like this could be made to fit a modified K26 exhaust housing, but I'm not totally sure. Anyone have any experience with this? Just looking at other budget options besides getting a 71mm wheel for my k24 7400. I had read somewhere (here, I think) that the k24 7400 shaft is too small to handle the loads at high boost for long periods. I'm running my 7400 to the limit of what it will flow, and my car is starting to feel slow again... (boost really IS like crack)

I haven't found a k26 style housing for the s200, hoping to avoid having to change manifolds.
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Re: BorgWarner s200sx-e in machined k26 housing possible?

Postby rallyfreak202 » Thu Jan 25, 2018 1:44 pm

If you're willing to go V-band inlet and stock external WG, my friend is making a K-series flange to V-band adapter. This will work for the BW S200 sx-e. He can supply the turbine housing with v-band inlet and super core. Talk to Mike at SPS Tampa. I'm also sure that Marc could help you out with this.
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