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VWnut8392 developments and add on's for PRJmod

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:56 am
by vwnut8392
i have been working on making PRJmod a little more functional and friendlier to use. i created tuner pro ADX files for data logging and live dash right in tuner pro RT. there is is no longer a need to use winlog and have to switch between programs when logging and tuning. also i created a way to add very small wideband controller internally into the stock motronic. this controller is called spartan 2 OEM and it is made by a company called 14point7. these are only 35.00USD which is a great price! with this controller the stock 0-1V wideband signal is applied directly to the lambda input inside the ECU. there is a 0-5v output from the controller as well that gets soldered to the analog 6 processor input on the motor chip and this will display your live AFR directly in tuner pro. Why i created this is because the winlog setup requires a zetronix wideband controller which i do not own not did i want to invest in as i already own the 14point7, an AEM uego and innovative LC-1. to use the live wideband in tunerpro you must use my XDF file to at least patch your PRJmod motor chip BIN so that the right code is fetched in the ECU for the data logging. with the tuner pro logging you can also live trace all of your maps and tables using my XDF file.

I created 2 ADX logging definition files for both USA and european users. USA=imperial and euro=metric. i always hated in software like VEMStune that i could not have full imperial measurements, its one of my pet peves so i made sure it doesnt happen with my creations. below is what differs in from one to the other.

-Boost in PSI relative to vacuum
-Coolant and intake air temps in degrees F
-Wheel speed in MPH.

-Boost in KPA
-Coolant and intake air temp in degrees C
-Wheel speed in KM/H

i hope you guys enjoy this stuff and if i see some interest here i'll post up how to add the 14point7 controller to your motronic and all of that fun stuff. most of all i hope marc will give my creations a go and give some feedback. any feedback on this is cool with me weather positive or negative. i have several other developments based on PRJmod in the works like some code revisions and other neat add on features that will all be free for anyone to use or mod to their liking. enjoy guys!

Link to my google drive folder with the ADX files, my XDF with the patcher for wideband input and a demo log file.

Here are screen shots of the dash i made for tuner pro and the monitors. i also forgot to mention that all of the logging variables are 100% free for you to configure how you like. if you want to make your own dash you can, if you want to add monitors you can. its all about personalization and customization to make it comfortable for you to tune your car.

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Re: VWnut8392 developments and add on's for PRJmod

PostPosted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:07 am
by vwnut8392
I recently modified PRJ's winlog device file to have imperial units of measure now too. I also rearranged the dash a good bit to make it easier on the eyes. if you are using PRJmod with the current official winlog dash and metric variables you can just switch to my DLL file and dash for imperial units of measure. the link in the first post takes you to my public google drive folder where you will find the necessary files in the Winlog imperial units folder. I also added logging on and off buttons that are attached to key strokes. when you press the Z key it starts logging and when the X key is pressed its stops the logger.

A picture of the revised dash for Winlog.