Motronic 2.3.2 ignition cut launch control

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Re: Motronic 2.3.2 ignition cut launch control

Postby KevinRS » Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:27 am

Hey guys, sorry for the late answer -> Holidays :D :D

why the rev limiter of the wot box should be useless? i think it cuts the ignition at certain rpm just like the LaunchControl, doesnt it?
but indeed its not what i want, i dont want the rev limiter to be at 7000rpm. (in this case i can set the WOT Rev-limiter to 7000 and change the ignition to late at 7000rpm in my driving map (map whichs used when cluch depressed/up/not used))

But where is the original rev limiter? in which map? Any news from your side vwnut8392?

Regards Kevin
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