Miata Parts any one?

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Miata Parts any one?

Postby Kuma » Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:43 am

Anyone here have a miata?

I have some go fast parts and various upgrade parts. I also have a hardtop with a lexan window, a racing beat front end with fresh black glossy paint. the hardtop has a Rear G-wing from project G on it. shifter rebuild kit from 5xracing.com
big brake kit from a 1.8 newly painted calipers Hawk pads, and new rotors. ACT HD clutch.
The manifold, downpipe and exaust are made by Artech. the set up is for a T3 turbo with internal eg. 3 inch V band

the turbo is a garrett 2554 from an Sr20-125$

The manifold is a side mount short runner

the Manifold, downpipe and the exaust are 1500$
turbo kit will not fit a 1.6, but the turbo could be utilized separately. The only thing i will sell as a package will be the DP, Manifold, and Exhaust as it is built to fit together.
Hartop with lexan windown and Project G wing-900$
front bumper from Racing Beat fresh black gloss paint-450$
Fuel pump upgrade kit-20$
Walbro 225 Hi-pressure Fuel Pump- 90$
ACT HD Heavy Duty/Street Clutch kit- 400$
4- 550CC/55lb fuel injectors 325$
1.8 miata big brake kit(not brembo) comes with new HAWK pads, rotors, and newly painted and rebuilt 1.8 calipers- 250$
Shifter rebuild kit from 5xracing- 100$

Most of the parts were purchased from BEGi.

some were purchased from other places.

I also have

i will be parting out the engine shortly, but will probably be the last thing i do.

shipping will depend on where you live and how much you want to spend.

for pictures email me at meAHtah@gmail.com

i accept paypal only

Paypal is meAHtah@gmail.com

email is the same as paypal addy

unless of course you have cash upon pick up.

prices will be firm and not a lot of wiggle room since everything i have is still NIB.


i cant sell on the miata forums because you have to have been a member for the past year and have over 200 posts.


So if you or someone you know needs Miata parts to make their "rides on rails" vehicle. send them my way.
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Re: Miata Parts any one?

Postby Kuma » Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:49 am

1.8 long block pending, not including highflow oil pump.
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Re: Miata Parts any one?

Postby Kuma » Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:13 am

Long block sold

Hard top sold

Still have lots of stuff.
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