Treadstone TR6 FMIC

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Treadstone TR6 FMIC

Postby jolio1994 » Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:38 pm

-Treadstone TR6 400hp core rated at 600 CFM. A perfect match for stock turbo or even RS2 applications
-Treadstone 2.5" Intercooler piping (Fits behind stock front bumper.)
-(2) Aluminum mounting brackets
-Mounting hardware, (5) T-bolt clamps, and (2) Slicone couplers

Brand new, and ready to ship. I have no problem making more, but I will be pulling the engine in the next coming month to make way for a new project. I'll give it until 9/8/19 to accept request for them. Cores with the exception of the last to be sold will be drop shipped directly from Treadstone.

Roast me.

Image20190830_173522 by Joel Francisco
Image20190830_174509 by Joel Francisco
Image20190830_180758 by Joel Francisco
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