'93 UrS4 partout

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'93 UrS4 partout

Postby MikeB25 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:42 pm

My CQ AAN swap has finally begun. The engine/trans/ecu/etc from the donor UrS4 will go in the Coupe but anything else that is in salvageable condition is available. I bought the UrS4 in December and daily drove it up until June. I've begun disassembling the front end so most of those parts are now available. Radiator, condenser, oil cooler, intercooler, some trim pieces, misc. A/C hoses are all off the car and ready to pack and ship. If you're interested in anything else, send a PM and I'll see if it's worth selling. I'll post more as I continue to disassemble.

-ABS pump module-$60
-brake bomb-Includes mounting bracket- $60
-Complete set of four inside door handles in excellent condition. $30 each or $100 for the full set.
-Left and right side mirrors in good shape. Right side glass is peeling around the edges and clear coat is peeling slightly-$40; Left side glass is excellent and clear coat is slightly peeling but not noticeably.-$75; $100 for the pair.
-Outer taillight bulb holders-$20
-Passenger air bag-$20
-factory jack and tool kit-Appears to be complete and fully functional. Includes everything pictured-$40
-Left side trunk compartment cover. A little dirty but on good shape with no broken tabs or latch-$30
-Complete wiper assembly that includes the motor, linkage, and both wiper arms. I'll even throw in the blades-$50
-All four door cards in good condition. Include speakers, handles, and screws for handles. Driver door card has some slight peeling but includes memory seat switch. They need a good cleaning. $40/ea, $150 for all four.
-Climate control head unit-excellent condition -$50
-ABS control unit module-$20
-Bose rear amp-$25
-Motorola phone module-$20
-Mirror control switch-$20
-Mirror control module-$20
-ABS speed sensor-$20
-Diff lock control module-$30
-Airbag sensor module $20
-Complete heater box assembly with heater core and all actuators-$120
-Stock intercooler- staining may indicate a leak, unknown-$30
-Stock oil cooler, a little rusty but no leaks. Includes hoses-$20
-Steering rack in good working condition-$100
-Headlights-Slightly pitted but otherwise in decent condition. Passenger side has one broken tab but the tab is present if you want to weld it back on. Driver side tabs are intact. $60 for driver side; $50 for passenger side-SOLD
-Washer fluid tank, includes both pumps-$20
-Coolant overflow tank w/sensor-$20
-ps pump reservoir w/ cooler $20
-headlight washers/pair-$20
-center console front $30
-center console rear includes vent grills, heated seat dials, diff lock switch- $35
-Complete set of dash vents-$20
-dash switch panel with all switches-$40
-Side bumper trim pieces/pair-$20
-Complete set of nearly perfect carbon trim. There are two cracks that are so fine I was unable to get a good photograph. Includes the mounting hardware for the dash pieces-$300

All prices are plus shipping from 54311.

Larger pieces available include:

-Power front seats- driver side is rough and taped up but heater and power adjustment works
-Passenger side is worn but intact, everything works
-Rear seat-in great condition
-Dash is in excellent condition
-Hood-rock chips and peeling clear coat but otherwise clean, just needs paint
-Rear bumper-just some scuffs
-All glass is good
-Trunk lid has a couple fixable rust spots.

These pieces are all still on the car. I’m happy to ship them at your expense. If you can pick them up, make a reasonable offer and they're yours. I'd rather they go to an enthusiast than to the crusher.

IM for pics.

My goal is to have the shell stripped by the end of the long weekend and ready to go to the crusher. If you want anything, make an offer!
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Re: '93 UrS4 partout

Postby PLANETARY4 » Fri Aug 31, 2018 11:24 am

What color is the carpet? I am interested in the carpets and door liners. not sure how much shipping will be to 24112.
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Re: '93 UrS4 partout

Postby MikeB25 » Fri Aug 31, 2018 6:05 pm

The carpet is cream but it's pretty nasty, probably not worth shipping. The door cards are also cream and it looks like UPS for all four would be about $126.
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Re: '93 UrS4 partout

Postby ringbearer » Fri Aug 31, 2018 6:35 pm

The carpets clean up well if they’re not torn or burnt or moldy ;)
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