Kuj's Big(ish) Turbo Upgrade

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Kuj's Big(ish) Turbo Upgrade

Postby pointblank9957 » Mon Mar 11, 2019 3:04 pm

Hello all,
I just picked up a 94 urS4 not long ago. So far I'm loving the car and all its quirks. I ended up ditching a Built Mustang for it, and I'm glad I did.
My plan is to upgrade the turbo and extract a few more ponies. I'm just parts gathering at the moment but I have most of the kit ready to go in. I'm just waiting on a few more crucial pieces.
As of right now the car has a 3" turbo I had made, 034 Stage 1 Chip, all Samco intercooler couplers, 2.0T TSFI red top coils, ABT Tuning Bilstein sport suspension, Drilled/Slotted rotors and 2Bennett Camber Plates. I'm hoping to touch 400hp with this setup below, I know I'll be replacing the clutch soon after. I'm not sure as to what clutch is in the car at the moment.

So far I've collected:
Precision 6031RE dual ball bearing turbo, 59mm 600hp capable with a T3 hotside.
T3 tubular turbo manifold
Dekka 60lb injectors from EFIExpress
Bosch 4 BAR MAP sensor
Fuel Pump rewire
034 Walbro pump adapter
2.2 BAR Wastgate spring
-4 oil feed adapter, feed & return hoses
VAGCOM cables for logging
misc couplers and piping for downpipe and intake
Walbro 450 fuel pump
AEM UEGO wideband
Parts Pile
53632209_2776905622321448_3880457622851158016_n.jpg (16.91 KiB) Viewed 246 times
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Re: Kuj's Big(ish) Turbo Upgrade

Postby ringbearer » Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:41 pm

Welcome! What are your plans for tuning and where are you?
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Re: Kuj's Big(ish) Turbo Upgrade

Postby morris400 » Mon Mar 11, 2019 6:33 pm

Great start man. One thing, if that's an Ebay manifold I'd recommend having a shop check the welds and plane the flanges. I had one (never used it) and that's what my plans were. Over all it's ok quality and should be just fine. Build a brace for the turbo the take the weight off the manifold as well.
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