Audi 4000q 2.7 Single Turbo

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Audi 4000q 2.7 Single Turbo

Postby jolio1994 » Sat Jun 19, 2021 10:20 pm


Picked up a 4000q with the intention of 5.2 swapping it as I have everything short of a flywheel and headers to make it happen again. Welp, guess I should've measured first! I know the 2.7t inside and out and I know they're pretty potent as well as the aftermarket support is through the roof, so... without further rambling...

I put the V10-Swagon to good use with a nice 5-hour trip and picked up a well maintained, recently resealed 2.7t. Met some dude off the parkway and was able to fit the engine hoist aswell to unload/load from his truck! Plan, for now, is a nice passenger side mounted single turbo setup with log style manifolds. This will be a budget build just to keep me occupied... Frame rail engine mounts were cut out as I'll be welding in 1/4" plates that'll be threaded. From there I can make a removable engine mount bracket to keep everything tidy, yet strong.

I'm thinking 400~ wheel with insane spool in a 2800lbs car with 195's should be saucy.

Image20210620_153657 by Joel Francisco
Image20210620_203522 by Joel Francisco
Image20210620_181945 by Joel Francisco
Image20210628_174816 by Joel Francisco
Image20210623_182207 by Joel Francisco
Image20210623_182155 by Joel Francisco
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Re: Audi 4000q What to do?.....

Postby PRY4SNO » Sun Jun 20, 2021 9:58 pm

If it's the same as the Urq (likey) then guys either cut the rad/hood support and add brackets with bolts, or lift the front and drop the subframe/motor underneath the front clip.

Pretty sure Hank's and Martin's build threads show the process for either route.
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Re: Audi 4000q What to do?.....

Postby MikeB25 » Sun Jun 20, 2021 10:37 pm

Hank's 07K URQ has a billet aluminum brace that is bolted between the fenders, presumably because he cut off the spot welded steel brace. I plan to do something similar on my CQ just because it looked cool. ;)
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Re: Audi 4000q 2.7 Single Turbo

Postby jolio1994 » Tue Jun 29, 2021 8:37 pm

Thanks for the suggestions guys! I updated the main post so your comments may seem off, but I appreciate you answering my question about removing the front end. With the V6 being stuffed in, I can put it in the car with an 01e as is, so I'll try to keep the front intact!
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Audi 4000q 2.7 Single Turbo

Postby Afterthought » Tue Jun 29, 2021 11:47 pm

I can’t see from your pics . Did you just cut the upper front part , or the whole front (lower beefier section too) ?

In many cases the driving factor for cutting the front is not just the engine removal / install but the fact that the B2 was not made to house any sort of decently sized cooler up there . but I’ve only ever done 5 cyl swaps . Like with an I5 , unless it’s an 07k, it’s almost impossible to fit more than a 2.25” thick cooler up front with the hood latch out of the way .
Of course you won’t have to worry about this with a 2.7 but you will probably have to go front mount radiator, and I don’t know how much space that leaves for intercooler (s) , or if you plan on going to side mounts ? The b2 bay is really just a challenge to get adequate cooling in . But such a great body to put any power in because they are so light and compact .

I’m interested to see where the engine ends up forward/back wise with the trans in place . Maybe with the 2.7 you’ll have no problem getting some cooling up there .
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Re: Audi 4000q 2.7 Single Turbo

Postby jolio1994 » Wed Jun 30, 2021 11:59 am

I haven't touched anything aside from the frame rails, so I suppose only the top section for the grill was cut out.

I hear ya on space, its very limited... I think a large side mount intercooler on the driverside will be sufficient, and if not... meth will be added.

Radiator will fit up front, I have it all in my head how it'll work. Now I just gotta make it happen!
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Re: Audi 4000q 2.7 Single Turbo

Postby jolio1994 » Mon Jul 26, 2021 10:41 pm

Nice little 8 hour round trip to New York and back to pick up a rust-free rear end... who says you need a truck!
Engine mounts are done; motors sitting a little crooked because of I only have 1 B5 S4 trans mount holding that in; guess I need to make those next.
And... started work on the GT35 turbo kit. Passenger-side manifold and collector is finished; now I just need to make the driverside meet up with it. I will be running a full 3" exhaust with a Magnaflow muffler and Vibrant resonator!

Image20210724_124125 by Joel Francisco
Image20210724_164902 by Joel Francisco
Image20210724_164921 by Joel Francisco
Image20210726_211129 by Joel Francisco
Image20210726_211233 by Joel Francisco
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Re: Audi 4000q 2.7 Single Turbo

Postby cuatrokoop » Wed Jul 28, 2021 8:25 pm

Why's there a 360 Spider in the garage?
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