Group Buy - URS caliper brackets for 17z or 18z!

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Group Buy - URS caliper brackets for 17z or 18z!

Postby nsimps » Mon Mar 23, 2015 11:57 am

Brembo 17z/18z Caliper URS Bracket Group Buy!
Some of you may have heard rumors of a new caliper bracket for the URS to run the 17z or 18z caliper as a bolt on option for the URS 4/6.
These brackets are in the design phase and I am working with the designer to gather interest for a group buy on these brackets to get the ball rolling.

Group Buy pricing is (%20 off!):
Raw: $176.00
Black Paint: $180.99
Zinc Dichromate Plating: $190.99
Shipping to US: $7.50 (outside US please contact for quote)

Details for 17z Caliper: Brackets will fit the caliper with a 323mm (D2 A8) rotor.
Details for 18z Caliper: Brackets will fit the caliper with a 345mm (D2 S8) rotor.
Using the D2 rotors will help keep overall cost lower and will keep the caliper offset to clear
a wider variety of wheels.
Material: A36/1018 Carbon Steel

Based on which bracket has more interest we will develop that one first followed with the other.

Time Frame: Prototypes would start being produced 2 weeks after confirmation of group buy.
Actual units ship time roughly 3 weeks thereafter. Those that are in the group buy will receive updates directly and we will answer any questions you have throughout the process.

Payment: Half the group buy cost as down payment through PayPal.

If you are interested please PM me. We look forward to seeing these on the URS soon!

Picture is of the 18z on the B3 front hub (these are currently available for ordering).


Bracket will look similar to this (this one is for the B3 hub):


Machining (because awesome):


Zinc Plating example:

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