Girling G60s on a B3 10V

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Girling G60s on a B3 10V

Postby 90quattrocoupe » Sun Apr 10, 2016 10:35 am

Just thought I would post this here, as this forum has a separate thread for write ups. It won't get lost in the general shuffle.

The basic problem with putting a B3 20v G60 caliper option on the 10V, is that the hubs are different. The hub height is shorter on the 10v, so the 20V 276X25 rotor sits too far inboard and fouls the caliper. The coupe and B4 hubs, which are the same, have an even taller hub height, so they don't work either.

So to make the G60s work on the 10V, it was time to find a 276X25 rotor that would work with the B3 10V hub. The standard Girling 54s, that came on the 10v 256X22, have a total rotor height of 46.5mm, as measured from the back side of the rotor to the front side of the hat. Part number is 443-615-301B. This part number gave me a clue where to look for a possible 276X25 rotor for the 10V. 443 is the code for 5000s. The same 256X22 rotor was used on the 4 bolt 5000s.

Now the 5 bolt 5000T, TQ and Qs, used a G60 with a 276X25 rotor. Alas, it has the same 46.5mm rotor height as the B3 10V stock rotor. Will they work on a 10V.

Yes, they work on a B3 10V. You can redrill the rotor from 5 lub to 4 lug. You line up one of the 5 lug holes, elongate it, and drill out the other 3. Works. The pictures below show that this works. 5000 rotor part number is 447-615-301B.

To answer a couple of questions, because they will be asked.
Will these work on the one piece struts, on a B3 10V? They should, but I only tested them on a 2 piece strut.

Will these replace the G54s on a 4000? No, the carrier spacing on a 4000, is different than on a B3 10V.

Are the B3 10V 2 pieces front struts on a manual transmission car the same as a Automatic? Yes.

Are there any other cars running the same rotor as the 5000? Yes, the same 276X25 rotor can be found on the 100s and 200s, if they came to the states with them. The 100s may be European only, don't know for sure.

What are the various rotor heights? The B3 10V is 46.5mm. The B3 20V is 51.5mm. The coupe and B4 is 56.5mm. The 5000, 100, 200 is 46.5mm. The UrS4/6 is 59.7mm.

Greg W.

276X25 5000 rotor, hack drilled to 4X108. Used rotor, so I did not care how perfect it was. Beside the centric hub hole, holds it in place.


This shows the caliper centered on the rotor.


Caliper bolted up.

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Re: Girling G60s on a B3 10V

Postby varia » Sun Apr 10, 2016 11:01 am

while at the subject, can you please concentrate on the garage queen's rear brake? Thank you! :) ;) 8-) :D :lol: :rofl: :hammer:

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