Motronic 2.3.2 ignition cut launch control

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Re: Motronic 2.3.2 ignition cut launch control

Postby vwnut8392 » Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:41 pm

the rev limiter in the wot box is useless to you, its not enabled when run in the global setting. what i think your getting at is you want an ignition cut rev limiter which wont happen unless you write custom code to the ecu to make it do so instead of interrupting the injector pulse. this is far more complicated than what i've done but i have looked into it.
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Re: Motronic 2.3.2 ignition cut launch control

Postby KevinRS » Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:27 am

Hey guys, sorry for the late answer -> Holidays :D :D

why the rev limiter of the wot box should be useless? i think it cuts the ignition at certain rpm just like the LaunchControl, doesnt it?
but indeed its not what i want, i dont want the rev limiter to be at 7000rpm. (in this case i can set the WOT Rev-limiter to 7000 and change the ignition to late at 7000rpm in my driving map (map whichs used when cluch depressed/up/not used))

But where is the original rev limiter? in which map? Any news from your side vwnut8392?

Regards Kevin
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