200 20v gt35, VEMS, lots of spare parts 8000

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200 20v gt35, VEMS, lots of spare parts 8000

Postby audios » Sun Jul 25, 2021 7:54 pm

It has been a long exciting road, but time has come to part ways with my 200. I havent put all that many miles on it, im guessing 3k tops. I used it for one summer and then pulled the motor to re-ring, was going to have the head rebuilt but it was going to cost more an i could afford(and they took it apart so i couldn't put it back on). So i got a new used head from max in florida from a URS4. The car comes with 2 extra heads as well as a lot of extra parts i have collected over the years. Has a new AGM battery. After I got the motor back together I drove it through another summer when the 016 let go. So i purchased an 01e and got the adapters from Marc to bolt in in along with a resurfaced 7a FW and suitable clutch. I also have an extra 6spd 01e from a 3.0 b6 a4. The car runs great, i drove it a few times a week before i moved to NC. Overall its in great shape, a few dents/wrinkles from mishaps over the years but no real rust except for a couple small spots behind the rear trim. Biggest issue is the front driveshafts, i am running the stock ones. The drivers is to long and the passengers is to short, they click sometimes when turning, i just never get into it unless in a straight line.
I have a tuning mini laptop with a RAM mount, also a set of NOS audi mudflaps that i have but never installed. All in all it will come with all the parts i have collected over the 20 years I have been messing with Audi's. I am asking $8000 for everything, i will take some photos tomorrow

2 heads disassembeled, turn signal stalk, extra 'bomb' brake booster, front strut mounts, URS4 front seats, extra fog light lense, AC compressor, heater control modules, and many more upstairs in the barn, i will look and add to the list.
From Casey's thread when he sold it to me (updated):
• V8 quattro front bumper
• E-Code headlights with relayed harness
• V8 quattro tail lights

• Nardi steering wheel and hub adapter
• VEMS LCD screen mounted in former coin tray location
• Gauge bezels from C4 A6
• Refinished wooden shift knob
• VDO boost gauge mounted in left-most vent

• Ground control coil over kit with 450# front springs and 400# rear springs
• Bilstein sport shocks
• Powerflex front sway bar bushings
• New stock front subframe bushings (uninstalled)
• New front control arms
• Powerflex rear diff mount
• Energy suspension rear trap bushings
• Apikol rear subframe bushings (uninstalled)
• New stock rear outer control arm bushings (uninstalled)
• Porsche boxter calipers with A8 rotors
• URS4 16" lightweight OEM rims

Engine (15k miles)
• VEMS Plug and Play ECU
• 24psi tune
• 034 coated main bearings
• ARP main studs
• SCAT connecting rods
• OEM rod bearings
• ARP head studs
• 7A cams
• Phenolic intake spacer
• Iroz Motorsport intake manifold
• 870cc Siemens Deka Injectors
• Bosch 044 fuel pump
• Custom FMIC with 3” plumbing
• Epic ebay exhaust manifold with T3 flange tig’d on
• Biagio GT35 journal bearing turbo 0.82 A/R
• AN oil supply and return
• EFI Express boost control solenoid
• 4” HKS Filter
• 3” turbo back exhaust with cat (hollow) and single muffler
• 034 High-Output coil kit
• TAP strut bar
• Griffin radiator
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Re: 200 20v gt35, VEMS, lots of spare parts 8000

Postby audios » Tue Jul 27, 2021 7:28 pm


here is a link to a shared album let me know any questions
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